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Mental Health Foundation & Medical College, Kolkata


Mental Health Foundation:
Mental health Foundation, Kolkata is a community-based organization which was founded in 2010 to address the growing mental health needs of the city of Kolkata and the surrounding areas. It follows a multi-disciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. The foundation runs its clinic on a daily basis which caters to a population of approximately 100 patients in a day.


Department of Psychiatry, Medical College, Kolkata:
It is one of the oldest psychiatry outpatient departments in the country. Medical College caters to a huge patient population from various parts of West Bengal and Eastern India. The average turnout in psychiatry OPD is about 200 patients in a day.

InvestigatorsProfessionContact Information
Dr Sujit SarkhelAssociate Professor of Psychiatry,
Institute of Psychiatry, Kolkata
Research Consultant, Mental Health Foundation, Kolkata
Dr Jai Ranjan RamConsultant Psychiatrist and Director,
Mental Health Foundation, Kolkata
Dr Goutam BandopadhyayProfessor of Psychiatry,
Dept. of Psychiatry,
Medical College, Kolkata