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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The PGC Executive Committee’s primary task is to facilitate the science of the working groups and to provide oversight to the Coordinating Committee. The committee conducts tasks pertinent to the consortium as a whole, for example, obtaining core funding, ensuring adequate computing facilities, and coordinating overall consortium direction. A long-standing principle of the PGC is that the individual working groups are responsible for their science; the vast majority of the work of the PGC happens in the working groups. The coordinating committee includes a representative from each working group, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the LISA computing facilities, and critical stakeholders from the psychiatric genomics community. The PGC Coordinating Committee is led by the Executive Committee. 


Executive Committee Members


Arpana Agrawal, PhD

Washington University


Cathryn Lewis, PhD

King's College London

Pat Sullivan 2

Patrick Sullivan, MD FRANZCP

University of North Carolina

Karolinska Institutet


Ole Andreassen, MD

University of Oslo