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If you have questions regarding the PGC CNV workgroup or projects that are currently being conducted, please contact the workgroup chairs.


For any questions or ideas related to research dissemination (e.g., via this webpage, social media, blogs, press outlets), please contact the workgroup outreach liaison.


If you have questions about how to access summary statistics or genotype-level data, or are interested to submit a secondary analysis proposal, please contact the workgroup data access committee representative.

About Us

Our History

The CNV workgroup has been a part of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium from its beginning circa 2007. Since then, we have grown to include over 200 scientists from more than 15-20 countries around the world. Our interdisciplinary membership ranges from distinguished faculty to junior investigators from all of the academic disciplines required for this collaborative work, including epidemiology, statistical genetics, and clinical psychiatry/psychology.

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Currently, we are looking for new collaborators with genotyping and depression data in order to increase our sample size for our next large-scale genome-wide meta-analyses. 


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More information coming soon!