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The PGC Outreach Committee has gathered resources for researchers working in the area of psychiatric genomics research. Feel free to use these videos in your teaching and training. Please let the outreach committee chair know if you have additional information to add, and share with the community. Let’s make this a great resource for the field!

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PGC4 Aims

The PGC Video Textbook provides a structured training program in psychiatric genetics for those new to the field or seeking to update their skills.

- Materials are open access for all to use

- Each chapter contains overview text with links to YouTube videos.

- Contents include an introduction to psychiatric traits, genetics, GWAS, and post-GWAS analysis.

- Software tutorials guide use of common analytical methods.

- Video lengths are from 2 mins to 1 hour.

- Labels of basic / intermediate / advanced are given to structure training

Please share with any trainees. We hope the PGC Video Textbook fills a training gap and helps trainees to access the information they need.

PGC Video Textbook available here.

Communicating Your Research


Professors Cynthia Bulik and Jennifer Kirby have developed a coaching curriculum on how to cope with the challenges of living in the times of COVID-19. This 9-session curriculum discusses how to develop effective work strategies and respond to challenging thoughts and emotions during the pandemic. In this video, Drs. Bulik and Kirby describe how to lead the coaching sessions. This video is intended for those who would be willing to lead a group through the coaching process.

Download the .pdf guide to follow along: COVID-19 Coaching Curriculum

Download the .ppt to tailor to your needs: Coaching Sessions for Coping with Covid-19 Slide Deck

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