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Worldwide Lab Meetings

Worldwide Lab Meetings

PGC Worldwide Lab Meetings are held monthly and showcase research conducted by PGC members.

Lu Yi, Bayram Akdeniz, Oleksandr Frei, Alfonso Buil, Kaarina Kowalec, and Stephan RipkeJanuary 19, 2024Nordic Tryggve Consortium: Advancements in Distributed Computing system, Applications, and Beyond

Oliver Pain, Patrick Sullivan, and Michael LoveMarch 22, 2024Bioinformatics Approaches with Michael Love, Oliver Pain, and Patrick Sullivanview

Archived Worldwide Lab Meetings

To view previous World Wide Lab recordings, you can also visit the PGC YouTube World Wide Lab playlist.

Niamh Mullins, Anna Docherty, Allison Ashley-Koch, and Douglas RuderferJune 10, 2022The Suicide Working Group of the PGCView
Humberto Nicolini, Paola Giusti-Rodriguez, Janitza Montalvo-Ortiz, Marcos Santoro Sept., 7, 2022Psychiatric genetics in Latin America: research, opportunities, and challengesView
Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Steven Gazal, and Patrick SullivanNov., 10, 2022Leveraging Base Pair Mammalian Constraint to Understand Genetic Variation and Human Disease.View

2017 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

Gerome BreenFeb 10, 2017Translating psychiatric genetics: can we do it? The PGC Pathways to Drug aimView
Stephan SandersMar 10, 2017Loci discovery with exome and genome data in ASDView
James WaltersMay 12, 2017Novel Insights from Schizophrenia GWAS meta-analysis of CLOZUK and PGCView
Jens Hjerling-Leffler and Patrick SullivanJune 9, 2017Genetic identification of brain cell types underlying schizophrenia
Eric NestlerSept 8, 2017Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms of DepressionView
Charles GersbachDec 8, 2017CRISPR-based Epigenome Editing for Functional EpigenomicsView

2020 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

Joel Gelernter, Hang Zhou, Emma Johnson, Renato Polimanti, and Howard EdenbergJan 24, 2020Investigating different types of Substance Use DisorderView
Andrew McIntosh, Laura Ajram, Karoline Kuchenbaeker, Jerry Guintivano, Mark Adams, and Oliver PainFeb 14, 2020An update from the PGC Major Depressive Disorder Working GroupView
Mark Adams and Gerome BreenMar 6, 2020R Markdown to Properly document analyses + using GitHubView
Patrick Sullivan, Samantha Meltzer-Brody, Karestan Koenen, and Karmel Choi Apr 10, 2020Work, life, science, and careers in the COVID-19 pandemic: keeping it goingView
Patrick Sullivan, Andrew McIntosh, Thalia Ely, Cathryn Lewis, and Anita ThaparApr 17, 2020Panel Discussion regarding COVID-19 and addressing important questions asked from participants.View
Barbara Franke, Tetyana Zayats, and Ditte DemontisApr 24, 2020Attention Deficit Hyper-Active DisorderView
Patrick Sullivan, Cynthia Bulik, Cathryn Lewis, and Sarah MedlandMay 8, 2020Panel Discussing the Results of COVID-19 SurveyView
Lea Davis, Jordan Smoller, and Julia SealockMay 22, 2020The PsycheMERGE network: Advancing precision psychiatry through genomic approaches to electronic health recordsView
Barbara Franke, Sarah Medland, and Rachel BrouwerMay 29, 2020Work Updates from ENIMGA
Ole Andreassen, Niamh Mullins, and Kevin O’ConnellJune 12, 2020Update from the PGC Bipolar Disorder Working GroupView
Hailiang Huang, Ryan Longchamps, and Yunfeng RuanJune 19, 2020Statistical Genetics Methods Leveraging Genomic DiversityView
Andrew McIntosh, Cathryn Lewis, Kimberley Kendal, Karmel Choi, Lu Yi, Evelien Van Assche, Jurjen Luykx, Eva Schulte, Till AndlauerJune 26, 2020Introduction to Major Depression and the PGC MDD groupView
David LedbetterSep 25, 2020Making the Case for Diagnostic Genetic Testing of Adults with Neuropsychiatric Disorders View
Jonathan Sebat and Marieke KleinNov 13, 2020Analysis of genomic copy number variants across psychiatric disorders View
Renato PolimantiDec 4, 2020Causal Inference Analysis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Challenges and OpportunitiesView

2016 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

Presenter(s)DateTitle and PowerPoint SlidesRecording
Jonathan SebatJan. 8, 2016Large Scale Studies of CNV across the Major Psychiatric DisordersAudio
Manolis DermitzakisFeb. 12, 2016The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Pilot Analysis: Multi-Tissue Gene Regulation in HumansAudio
Raymond Walters,
Richard Anney,
Eli Stahl, and
Gerome Breen
Mar. 11, 2016Past, current, and future work of the workgroupsAudio
Jeremiah Scharf,
Caroline Nievergelt,
Stephan Ripke, and
Raymond Walters
Apr. 8, 2016Past, current, and future work of the workgroupsAudio
Pamela SklarMay 13, 2016The CommonMind Project: Generating and Integrating Biological Data to Interpret GeneticsAudio
Jonathan MillJune 10, 2016Integrating, Genetic, and Epigenetic Variation in SchizophreniaAudio
Lea DavisJuly 8, 2016Data Access Demystified: A Complete Guide to Obtaining Genotype Data for PGC Members
Patrick SullivanSept. 9, 2016PGC3 Grant: An Agenda for 2016-2021
Erika WolfOct. 14, 2016The Genetics of PTSD-Related Accelerated AgainAudio
Matthew HotopfNov. 11, 2016Mental Health in UK BiobankAudio
Nelson FreimerDec. 9, 2016A Non-Human Primate GTEx

2012 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

PresenterDateTitle and PowerPoint SlidesRecordings
Jonathan SebatNov 9, 2012CNV meta-analysis in the PGC-schizophrenia datasetAudio
Patrick SullivanDec 14, 2012Pros and Cons of Minimal Phenotyping in Psychiatric GeneticsAudio

2019 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

Phil LeeFeb 8, 2019Cross-disorder GWAS of 8 Psychiatric DisordersView
Alicia Martin, Elizabeth Atkinson and Laramie DuncanMar 22, 2019Analysis Across AncestryView
Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.Apr 5, 2019The NIMH Director’s Perspective on Psychiatric GenomicsView
Peter VisscherMay 30, 2019Estimation of genetic variance from whole genome sequence data View
Sophie Legge, Elliott Rees, Alexander RichardsJune 14, 2019UK Biobank–Analyses related to SCZ and psychosisView
Hilary Coon, Anna R. Docherty, Niamh Mullins, Douglas RuderferSept 27, 2019Insight into the Genetics of SuicideView

2018 Worldwide Lab Meeting Archive

Jonathan PritchardFeb 9, 2018 Omnigenic architecture of human complex traitsView
Katja Luck and Matthijs VerhageMar 9, 2018 Katja: Towards a reference human protein interactome map
Matthijs: SynGO-the Synapse Gene Ontology and Annotation Project
Yun Li and Kyoko WatanabeApr 13, 2018 Yun Li: HUGIn: a handy online visualization tool for across-tissue chromatin spatial organization data
Kyoko: Functional mapping and annotation of genetic associations with FUMA
Paola Giusti, Renato Polimanti, P.R. Jansen and Nicholas CliftonMay 11, 2018 Schizophrenia & a high-res map of the 3D chromatin interactome of adult & fetal cortex
Genetic Overlap and Causality among MDD,Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Consumption
GWAS meta-analysis of insomnia in over 1 million participants from UK Biobank and 23andMe
Marcus MunafòJun 22, 2018 Cannabis, Tobacco and Mental HealthView
Michael GandalAug 10, 2018 Leveraging human brain transcriptomics to identify a convergent molecular pathology of psychiatric diseaseView
Nicholas BraySept 14, 2018 Gene regulation in the developing human brain and genetic risk for neuropsychiatric disordersView
Niamh Mullins and David HowardNov 9, 2018 Genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with bipolar disorderView
Dan GeschwindDec 14, 2018 Integrative genomics reveals the developmental origins of neuropsychiatric conditionsView